Digital philosopher

Václav Havel

Texts in corpus: The Power of the Powerless, speeches from US congress and Forum 2000, dialogues with K. Hvížďala and several essays

Created by: Jakub Jetmar, Jiří Logojda, Štěpán Šanda

Open Google Colab notebook with corpus
Notebook is right now in Czech only, sorry. You will find all the necessary instructions for generating texts there.

We are using language model GPT-2 by OpenAI introduced in February 2019, specifically the version with 345 milion parameters. GPT-2 model is so capable that OpenAI decided to release versions gradually, because of the risk of it being misused for generating disinformation. That the risk is real is confirmed for example by research made by Sarah Kreps and Miles McCain from Cornell University published in Foreign Affairs, which showed that people find texts generated by GPT-2 almost as convincing as real articles from New York Times. Find out how GPT-2 works under the hood.

Using the interpretation of Czech copyright law by Jan Zibner and Matěj Myška for works created by AI, published at portal Iurium (in Czech only), authors of the generated texts are the creators of the used corpus. In case you write in an original text, which should the generating follow, you are becoming a co-author. As creators of the corpuses we allow use of the generated texts under license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0.Creative Commons License

Assemblage of this website was linked by Jan Vlček, code is available on GitHub.